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Sprout Story: Give Young People the Proper Tools and Skills and They Will Change the World.

Sara Blenkorn, Sprout participant, Canada, Summer 2009

For over a decade, TakingITGlobal has worked to inspire, inform and involve young people in the process of developing a more inclusive, peaceful and sustainable world. That work has taken us to some of the far corners of the earth and into the lives of everyday heroes. The children, peasants, fastidious students, businesspeople, hip hop musicians, incredible teachers, break makers, computer programmers, graffiti artists and farmers, are all united by a common vision: to better tomorrow.

To attain this vision, The Pearson Foundation and TakingITGlobal formed a partnership in Spring of 2008, which resulted in the development of an innovative, online learning program focused on digital literacy, networking and communications for youth. The inception of the Sprout e- course has helped to kick start TakingITGlobal's foray into a new means of providing young people with the proper learning tools and skills to change the world, while expanding its reach to international young leaders worldwide.

Building upon the initial support of the Pearson foundation, the Sprout e-course has evolved into localized regional variations, including: Youth for Change (Arab Region), Innovative Students (Asia-Pacific) and a soon-to-be translated version of Sprout.
The Sprout e-course is for the brave, the courageous and the unstoppable young person who is ignited with an idea to create something better, more fair and just, more safe, more equitable, more healthy and more sustainable for all systems on earth. We do this because we care and we want to better tomorrow.

In July 2010, TakingITGlobal led an evolution of the Sprout E-course. Now Sprout is accessible to even more individuals as a self-directed 6-week online course. Due to the continued support of The Pearson Foundation, in October 2010, for the first time, all Sprout alumni will be eligible to apply for the Pearson Fellowship for Social Innovation. The Pearson Fellowship for Social Innovation is an international fellowship program that supports the most promising social change projects created by TakingITGlobal's network of youth leaders.


Our Principles

  • To engage a diverse and truly global audience while striving towards widespread accessibility.
  • To incite and enhance a strong sense of civic identity and responsibility that focuses on the importance of leadership and practical, community-based action.
  • To provoke critical thought and meaningful reflection and encourage both personal and professional transformation.
  • To support value-driven work that promotes sustainability and community solidarity.
  • To create a learning community wherein social connections exist in tandem with and act to enhance both collaborative and autonomous learning.
  • To strive for new and innovative ways to better serve young people.



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  • The Pearson Foundation extends Pearson's commitment to education by partnering with leading nonprofit, civic, and business organizations to provide financial,organizational, and publishing assistance across the globe.