Our facilitated 9-week course, turning ideas into plans and actions.


Learn about our 2017-2018 Sprout Ideas Fellowship for Ontario residents 15-26!

The Sprout E-course is designed to provide young leaders with access to training in essential skills, including team building, project management, communications and leveraging technology as they imagine, plan and develop social innovation projects. Since 2008, over 400 emerging social innovators from 71 countries have participated in the Sprout e-course, with financial support provided by government, non-profit and industry partners.

The Sprout E-course takes place over 9 weeks, including 1 orientation week, 6 weeks of lessons and quizzes, and 2 weeks of independent work. The curriculum is structured into four modules: design, plan, connect and assess. Each module requires participants to complete one lesson and at the end of each module, participants complete a quiz and self-assessment to progress to the next module.

Social Innovation Fellowships are awarded to Sprout E-course graduates with the most promising and well-prepared plans for community projects developed during the Sprout E-course. Fellows receive a cash awards along with mentorship and/or coaching, strategic tools and resources, and networking opportunities.

We welcome interest from organizations looking to sponsor cohorts of the Sprout E-course and Fellowships for their own youth networks or open recruitment. Contact us to learn more!


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Sprout participant

"If the world stands on two pillars, education is one of them and Sprout has grasped the significance of making sure that this pillar remains tall and strong by educating the leaders of tomorrow through the Sprout e-course platform."

Sprout participant

"The essence of Sprout is to provide an accessible, diverse, proactive and supportive online community where different people with different needs, aims, thoughts and ideas can come together and help each other grow as both people and project managers."